'Missy I' & Aunty Pat (1968)

The Hacienda Prefix was officially registered in 1994, but long before that time our family had been involved in the world of pedigree dogs and we had always owned Dachshunds as pets, the very first Dachie named 'Missy' belonging to my grandparents. 

Although not active in the show scene after getting 'Missy' we always had dogs in the household and invariably there was always a Dachie amongst them, until the late eighties when we strangely found ourselves Dach-less and so in 1991 purchased Missy II who died in May 2008 aged 18 years old and is still remembered as the Queen at Hacienda. In 1993 we purchased two pedigree dogs and ventured into the show ring again.

But living and studying in the UK it became hard to attend shows here or to keep too many dogs so our participation in the show ring was minimal in Malaysia, but in the UK we faithfully went to the shows at weekends and were active in the dog world over there. In 1995 with the return of my brother Robbie to Malaysia, we decided to buy our first show Dachie and he was Mal. Ch. Ralines Remus at Hacienda (Imp UK). Definitely not a show stopper, Remus was an honest dog and really with his purchase the bug had bitten. Through fate and the persistence of a local lady who wanted a good home for her imported Std. Long hair, the next pedigree dachie to join our household was 'BJ' who we finally titled into Asian & Mal. Gr. Ch. Heulen Black Jack at Hacienda (Imp Aust), which signaled our start with the Longs.


'Missy II' & her best pal 'Lady' (Great Dane) going for
a car ride in Robbie's VW Beetle.

'BJ' - Asian & Mal. Gr. Ch. Heulen Black Jack at
Hacienda together with Smooth friend Mal. Ch. Ralines Remus at Hacienda.

Still it was not until my return in 1997 for good from the UK, when we took the Malaysian Show scene by storm. I had returned from the UK with a very special dog who put Hacienda very firmly on the map and he was Asian & Mal. Gr. Ch. Hampdach Down Town at Hacienda (Imp UK) bred by Kath & Andy Bethel. Charlie was Top Hound in Malaysia 1998, 1999 & 2000. A winner of numerous BIS, RBIS & Groups, he was also the first ever Hound Grand Champion and finished 1998 as #2 Top Dog All Breeds!! Charlie is pictured on the left with Group judge Mrs. Liz Gunther (Australia) the day the late Mr. Jack Ray (Aust) awarded him his first BIS All Breeds.

Not long after returning from the UK I traveled Down Under and came home with two really good foundation bitches to start us off and one of these girls, Amy (Asian, Aust & Mal. Ch. Talberg Maid on Request), was a top winning bitch in Australia. More imports have followed over the years not just from Australia, but also from New Zealand, South Africa, USA and Canada. In 2003 we also ventured into mini longs and have enjoyed lots of success with our imports and look forward to campaigning our homebred minis very soon!




Todate, Hacienda has successfully owned, co-owned, campaigned & titled 114 Champions in Std. Smooth, Std. Longhaired & Min. Longhaired Dachshunds, Eng. Setter, Kerry Blues & Eng. Cocker Spaniels. We have also bred 2 Eng. Cocker Spaniel Champions under the Heritage prefix. The Eng. Setter, Asian & Mal. Gr. Ch. Eireannmada Maple Syrup was a multi BIS winner & the fastest Gundog Grand Champion. Of the 114 Champions, 75 are proudly homebred HACIENDA Champions, both locally & overseas in Australia, USA, Canada, Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, South Africa & Thailand, with others on track to their titles in the UK and New Zealand
. Many of these overseas titles have put Malaysia on the map as no other Malaysian bred dogs have ever won these overseas titles before.

In 2005 I also received my judging license from the MKA to judge all varieties of dachshunds and now also the Hound Group (FCI Group 4,6 & 10) and in 2006 received my license for the Gundog Group. I have now judged in Malaysia, The Philippines, United Kingdom, Australia & New Zealand.

In 2008, I made one of the best decisions ever, to marry the love of my life, Christine Joseph. On May 17th, before God, family and friends, we tied the knot!!

I would not be where i was today if it wasn't the wonderful friends made over the years through the dog world. Friends who have entrusted me with their precious bloodlines, dogs, knowledge and for having been nothing short of fantastic. The kindness and infinite support given has helped Hacienda go from strength to strength and make us what we are today.

I am also especially touched by those who have put their faith in us and who campaign HACIENDA dogs across the globe and keep our flag flying!! Thank you for believing in us and also for taking such great care of our dogs and taking them to such great heights.

I am also eternally indebted and thankful to my family and wife who have stood by me and through their direct and indirect involvement, are an integral part of Hacienda today. I also appreciate my brother Robbie who co-owns and co-breeds litters with me.

Last but not least we are truly grateful to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for all these blessings he has seen fit to bestow on us. Without him as our pilot, none of these things we have achieved would have ever been possible. We give him all Glory, Homour and Thanks! Praise God!

At Hacienda, all our dogs are 
Bred on purpose, loved beyond reason & handled with pride

Some of our proudest "Homebred" moments to date....

Asian & Mal. Ch. Hacienda Ewe Lil Beauty - Petra 
Winning Best of Breed at Sydney Royal 2003
(Exactly one week out of Quarantine too!!)

Best of Breed at Royal Melbourne Show 2003
Best of Breed at Sydney Royal 2004
Res. Best of Breed Sydney Royal 2005!
Res. Best of Breed Melbourne Royal 2006!
Res. Best of Breed Perth Royal 2006!
Bitch CC & Reserve Best of Breed 8th Dachshund National Perth 2006!


Malaysian & American Champion Hacienda Divine Virtue for Rabows - 'Hope'
making her debut in Texas, USA by winning a 4 point and 3 point Major on the same weekend!!! And then becoming the first ever Malaysian Bred Dog all breeds to gain the title of AM. CH!!!


Malaysian Champion Hacienda Ipso Facto - 'Gypsy'
creating Hacienda history by becoming our first ever homebred to win an All Breeds Best in Show!!!
(Sadly we don't have the BIS pic, but have her pic from when she won RBIS the next day!)

Australian Champion Hacienda Ewe Reka - 'Pasha'
creating history by becoming the 1st ever Malaysian bred dog to gain the title of Australian Champion!

Malaysian Grand Champion Hacienda Heaven Maid - 'Stella'
becoming our first Homebred Grand Champion
& the 1st EVER Malaysian bred dog to gain the title of International Champion in Malaysia

Malaysian Champion Hacienda Lock Up Ya Daughters - 'Benson'
going Winners Dog at the First CANADIAN NATIONAL in 2005

Indian Champion Hacienda I'll Be Black - 'Molly'
Winning 8th Best in Show at the FCI International Pre Show in Indian in 2004


Brazilian Champion Hacienda Some Like it Choc - 'Lola'
making her debut in South America by winning to back to back Group 1 placings and gaining her Junior Champion title!

Malaysian & Canadian Champion Hacienda Keeping Secrets - 'Java'
creating history by becoming the 1st ever Malaysian bred dog to gain the title of Canadian Champion

Malaysian & Brazilian Champion Hacienda Good Time Girl - 'Patsy'
creating history by becoming the 1st ever Malaysian bred dog to gain the title of Brazilian Champion

South African Champion Hacienda Aces High - 'Julius'
creating history by becoming the 1st ever Malaysian bred dog to gain the title of South African Champion


"It's a funny thing about life. If you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it."



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