Mal. Ch. Rabows Pickles And Ice Cream for Hacienda (Imp USA)

Sire : Eng. Ch. Zarcrest Black Ice  Dam : Rabows Radiance

Whelped : 28/03/2008         Colour : Black & Tan


We are extremely blessed to be given the chance to own Pickles, to help get our breeding program kicked started. Pickles carries some of the finest UK (Zarcrest) and Australian (Dachshoe) lines that have been mixed together in America and proving a winning combination! A gorgeous girl herself, we feel she has SO much to contribute to our breeding program and look forward with great anticipation to her contribution!! HUGE THANK YOU to Melissa & Mark for their outstanding generosity in allowing us to own Pickles!!! Thank you both and we aim to do you proud!!

Pickles had her show debut in Thailand at the Impact Show cluster in June 2009. Boy did she show her little heart out and create an impact! From 4 shows she won - 3 Best in Groups, 1 Reserve Best in Group, 4 Best Junior in Group, 2 Best Junior in Show (one at the FCI show) and 1 Reserve Best Junior in Show (At the AKU show)!!! Already more than two thirds to her Thai title, we also hope to finish her Malaysian title in due course. This girl is a show girl with attitude ++! She has since picked up her local title and even managed to squeeze in a litter of pups in between!!! What a trooper!


Eng. Ch. Zarcrest Black Ice (Imp UK) (b/cream) Doujac Houdini (b/t) Maydays Momento 
Eng. CH Maundowne Magnum At Ralines (cream) Eng. CH Kizzhar Kavalcade 
Maundowne Mirage 
Maydays Marguerita (cream) Eng. CH Tanska's Great Expectations 
Maydays Magnola 
Doujac Nightshade (b/t) Eng. CH Kizzhar Kavalcade (red) Eng. CH Wildstar Wroyal Command 
Eng. CH Kizzhar Kerrygold 
Katelyn Music Of The Night At Doujac (b/t) Katelyn Still Of The Night 
Faracre Fallaise At Katelyn 
Zarcrest Gold Model (Red) Kizzhar Kantona (cream) Eng. CH Kizzhar Kommador (red) Silkdown Lord Phoenix 
Eng. CH Kizzhar Kerrygold
Eng. CH Kizzhar Kiss'n'tell (red) Eng. CH Kizzhar Kavalcade 
Eng. CH Kizzhar Keepsake 
Zarcrest Gold Witch (b/t) Bonavia Black Ace at Katelyn (b/t) Eng. CH Jadag Silver Haze at Katelyn 
Wayburn Pearly Bubbles 
Dachartley Aquarius at Zarcrest (red) Eng. CH Kizzhar Kavalcade 
Daclang Rhumba Royale 
Rabows Radiance Am. Ch. Dacshoe MC (Red) Aust. Ch. Shelahnuh Druids Fire (Red) Aust. Ch. Sarsica Royal James (b/t) Ch. Aust. Ch. Schlau Royal Jester (b/t)
Claratan Chanelle (b/t)
Ch. Aust. Ch. Shelahnuh Siobhan (Red) NZ Jap Asian FCI Am Ch Cluanglass Devilish Dan (Red)
Aust. Ch. Ch. Dakyvae Sophies Choice (red)
Aust. Ch. Dacshoe Kreme Genes (red) Aust. Gr. Ch. Dacshoe Power of Won (b/t) Aust. Gr. Ch. Dacshoe Lord O the Ring (Red)
Aust. Ch. Dacshoe Sun Downer (Red)
Aust. Ch. Dacshoe Taylor Made (red) Aust. Ch. Dacshoe Extra Intuition (Red)
Shelahnuh Gaelic Cream (Cream)
Dachshoe Double Deal (Imp Aust) (b/t) Aust Ch Tru Power of Kitrinea (b/t) NZ Ch. Aust Ch. Kerriwen Tru Power (b/t) Chipal Playboy (red)
Trumond Tamara of Sunkera (b/t)
Whoopeegold of Kitrinea (NZ) NZ Ch. Ch. Misty Dale Makin Whoopee (nz)
Tru Shandy of Kitrinea (nz)
Dacshoe Dancing Queen (red) Aust. Gr. Ch. Dacshoe Lord O the Ring (Red) Aust. Ch. Dacshoe Extra Charm (b/t)
Shelahnuh Gaelic Cream (Cream)
Aust. Ch. Dacshoe Sun Downer (Red) Aust. Ch. Dacshoe Extra Intuition (Red)
Aust. Ch. Dacshoe Tarquin Queen (b/t)