Mal. Ch. Inkarcerated Behind Bar'Z at Rabows (Imp USA)

Sire : Eng. Ch. Zarcrest Black Ice  Dam : LK's ML Kari's On at Burdach

Whelped : 05/07/2008         Colour : Cream Brindle


We are once again extremely blessed to be allowed to loan Inka for a short while to be shown here in Asia and also to have a litter for us. Melissa & Mark have once again, been so kind to help us get our breeding program kicked started. Inka carries some of the finest UK (Zarcrest) and US lines! A beautifully made girl, we feel she has SO much to contribute to our breeding program and look forward with great anticipation to her contribution!! HUGE THANK YOU to Melissa & Mark for allowing us to borrow Inka!!!

Inka made her show debut and titled in 3 straight shows! Still not quite bodied up yet she only managed RBOB's all three times, but we know that she is a special girl that will do lots of winning in time to come!


Eng. Ch. Zarcrest Black Ice (Imp UK) (b/cream) Doujac Houdini (b/t) Maydays Momento 
Eng. CH Maundowne Magnum At Ralines (cream) Eng. CH Kizzhar Kavalcade 
Maundowne Mirage 
Maydays Marguerita (cream) Eng. CH Tanska's Great Expectations 
Maydays Magnola 
Doujac Nightshade (b/t) Eng. CH Kizzhar Kavalcade (red) Eng. CH Wildstar Wroyal Command 
Eng. CH Kizzhar Kerrygold 
Katelyn Music Of The Night At Doujac (b/t) Katelyn Still Of The Night 
Faracre Fallaise At Katelyn 
Zarcrest Gold Model (Red) Kizzhar Kantona (cream) Eng. CH Kizzhar Kommador (red) Silkdown Lord Phoenix 
Eng. CH Kizzhar Kerrygold
Eng. CH Kizzhar Kiss'n'tell (red) Eng. CH Kizzhar Kavalcade 
Eng. CH Kizzhar Keepsake 
Zarcrest Gold Witch (b/t) Bonavia Black Ace at Katelyn (b/t) Eng. CH Jadag Silver Haze at Katelyn 
Wayburn Pearly Bubbles 
Dachartley Aquarius at Zarcrest (red) Eng. CH Kizzhar Kavalcade 
Daclang Rhumba Royale 
LK'S ML Kari's On At Burdach (Red Brindle) Am. Ch. Burdachs Just in Time MLB (Red Brindle) Am. CH Barbemac Orangecrush JBS ML (red) Am. CH Lowry Hill's GoldenNugget JBS  Am. CH Lowry Hills Dakota Snow-ML 
Cedarhurst Gold'ntrinket ML 
Am. CH KaBa's Miss Ruby Red JBS ML (red) Am. CH Newberry's Karry 'N Kreme ML 
Ka Ba's Touch of Autumn ML 
Cajun Tigress Jumbalaya MLB  Karen's Barbemac Kapucino ML  Am. CH Barbemac's Coffee 'N Cream ML 
Am. CH Barbemac's Trick or Treat ML 
Sassy Cricket Das Tiger ML  Schnitzel's Golden Tiger 
Karen's Kool Klondike ML 
Am. CH Den Grig Sashay ML (Red) Am. Ch. Lowry Hills Dakota Snow-ML (cream) Am. CH Devoncream Hot Mint (cream) Maundowne Mint Cream
Devoncream Bubbles 
Lowry Hill's Midsummer Dream (red) Am. CH Rose Farm's Palomino ML 
Hielscher's Frieda von BB 
Am. CH Taliesin Stormy Weather ML (b/t) Am. CH Taliesin Be Kind-Rewind TD (b/t) Am. CH Flachshunds Quick Silver MDL 
Taliesin Oh! Suzanna 
Fancidox Bidin' My Time ML (red) Woodwind's C'est Si Bon ML 
Fancidox Buttons N Bows ML