The Dogs featured in this page are all our Imports that have been the cornerstones of Hacienda and who have enabled us to produce our own homebred stock. We are eternally grateful to the breeders of these dog below for parting with such beautiful dogs to help in our breeding program. Thank You all!
They are divided into Std. Smooths, Std. Longs and Mini Longs accordingly.
Click on the names of the dogs below the pictures, to go to their individual pages with more information, pics and pedigrees.


Asian & Mal Gr. Ch. Hampdach Down Town At H (Imp UK) - 'Charlie'

Nz & Mal. Ch. Tiermark Jazz (Imp NZ) - 'Jazz'

Asian, Aust & Mal Ch Talberg Maid On Request At H (Imp Aust) - 'Amy'

Mal. Ch. Tradedach Choklit Dream At H (Imp Aust) - 'Judy'

Aust. & Mal. Ch. Laen Honour Bound (Imp Aust) - 'Bounty'

Mal. Ch. Jumarnic Talkin Maids At H (Imp Aust) - 'Chelsea'


Mal. Ch. Jumarnic Big Brother at H (Imp Aust) - 'Ben'

Mal. Ch. Jumarnic Choc Suprise At H (Imp Aust) - 'Fantail'

Mal. Ch. Waydack Walking On Air At H (Imp S. Africa) - 'Khan'

Mal. Ch. Tanaray Top Spot (Imp Canada)- 'Beau'

Mal. Ch. Hampdach Top of The Town at H (Imp UK) - 'Digby'

Mal. Ch. Lauralee Welsh Affair at H (Imp UK) - 'Dottie'

Mal. Ch. Flo J's Rock the Boat at Hacienda (Imp Canada) - 'Winni'

Mal. Ch Tiermark Krug at Hacienda (Imp NZ) - 'Kruger'

Mal. Ch. Tiermark Devil's Advocate at Hacienda (Imp NZ) - 'Kia'


Unita's The Amdassador At Hacienda - 'Finn'

Jumarnic Sumthin Special at Hacienda (Imp Aust) - 'Princess'



Standard Longs

Asian & Mal Gr. Ch. Heulen Black Jack At H (Imp Aust) - 'BJ'

Mal. Ch. Teckeldow Parfait Amour at H (Imp Aust) - 'Flame'

Mal. Ch. Dabarlyn American Magic by H (Imp Aust) - 'Shrek'


Miniature Longs

Mal. Ch. Graedon Dragon Chaser (Imp Aust)- 'Chase'

Mal. Gr. Ch. Jadag Ovaltina at Hacienda (Imp UK) - 'Xena'

Asian & Aust. Ch. Kleinedak Ruby Mist at Hacienda (Imp Aust) - 'Jaffa'

Aust. Ch. Dacshoe Leura at Hacienda (Imp Aust) - 'Lou'

Mal. Ch. Rabows Divine Intervention for Hacienda (Imp USA) - 'Lexi'

Mal. Ch. Rabows Blessed For Success with Hacienda (Imp USA) - 'JackJack'




Mal. Ch. Rabows Pickles And Ice Cream for Hacienda (Imp USA) - 'Pickles'

Mal. Ch. Inkarcerated Behind Bar'Z at Rabows (Imp USA) - 'Inka'

Other Imports not pictured

Mal.Ch. Ralines Remus at Hacienda (Imp UK) - SSH
Ralines Revolution at H (Imp UK) - SSH
Jumarnic Cher at H (Imp Aust) - SSH
Hampdach Impianku at H (Imp UK)  - SSH
Mal. Ch. Frankanwen Party Peace at H (Imp UK)  - SLH
Mal. Ch. Imlay Ruaddh Artuir at H (Imp UK) - SLH