UK CH. Hacienda Lo 'N' Behold It's Sontag

Sire : Mal. Ch. Hacienda Hasty Affair   Dam : Mal. Ch. Hacienda Destined For Glory

Whelped : 20/09/2009        Colour : Red

Pictured at 6 months of Age and exported to our dear friend Edna Cooper in the UK. Ruby has done so well since arriving there, winning multiple Best in Show at Specialty Open Shows, Best Puppy in Show and also won every Junior class she was entered in at Championship shows in the UK. She started 2011 with a bang by winning the Junior All Breeds Sweepstakes at Manchester Championship show and then went on to win her first UK CC and Reserve Best of Breed!!! Ruby picked up her second CC at the beginning of May and then got her crowning CC with Best of Breed on 18th June 2011. In less than 11 months since arriving, 10 months of showing and 6 months since getting her first CC to completing her title, as well as picking up her Junior Warrant and 3 BISS at Open shows is something we are VERY proud of. This is a truly historic win for Malaysia, as Ruby enters the history books as being the first Malaysian bred dog of ANY breed to gain the title of UK Champion! We wish Edna and Ruby continued success!


Mal. Ch. Hacienda Hasty Affair (red) Mal. Ch. Hacienda Not Tonight Dear (red) Aust & Mal Ch. Laen Honour Bound  (Imp Aust) (red) Laen Integrity (b/t) Aust. Ch. Drofneg Dunkeldorf (b/t)
Aust. Ch. Hanalex Black Heidi (b/t)
Am. Ch. Gleishorbach Teufelchen (Imp USA) (red) Am. Ch. Choo Choos Gus (red)
Am. Ch. Choo Choos Doll of Sweetheart (red)
Mal. Ch. Atreides Good As Gold By Hacienda (red) Nz. & Mal. Ch. Tiermark Jazz (red) Nz Ch. Tiermark Man O Man (red)
Nz Ch. Tiermark Arpege (b/t)
Camelot Dynamic Leia (b/t) Aust & Mal. Ch. Millewa Ming Dynasty (red)
Mal. Ch. Millewa Midnite Lady (b/t)
Mal. Ch. Lauralee Welsh Affair at Hacienda (Imp UK) (b/t) Eng. Ch. Tythe Equinox (b/t) Eng. Ch. Peredur Peter Piper (b/t) Peredur Peppercorn of Indira
Peredur Solitaire
Malynsa Maelstrom (red) Eng. Ch. Malynsa Madrigal (red)
Malynsa Rebecca (red)
Eng. Ch Lauralee Welsh Pageant (b/t) Eng. Ch. Lauralee Top Gun (Red) Eng. Ch. Malynsa Madrigal (Red)
Classridge Carlotta at Lauralee (b/t)
Eng. Ch. Sunhaze Surprise Surprise (b/t) Eng. Ch. Malynsa Madrigal (Red)
Lauralee Lady Hamilton at Sunhaze (b/t)
Mal. Ch. Hacienda Destined For Glory (red) Mal. Ch. Tanaray Top Spot (Imp Canada)
(black & tan)
Can. Ch. Abnaki's Black Tie Affair (b/t) Am. Ch. Laddland A Wing And a Prayer (b/t) Am. Ch. Villanol's Gladi's Lad (b/t)
Am. Ch. Laddland Pinch of Cameo (red)
Drisheen's Candlewood (red) Can. Am. & Bda Ch. Tanaray Tartan de Drisheen (b/t)
Can. Ch. Drisheen's Ballylifin (b/t)
Can. Ch. Tanaray Truffle (red) Can & Am. Ch. Erdenrot's Baron von Bruno (red) Braaehaus Letterman
Can. Ch. Shona's Schatzi of Erdenrot
Can. Ch. Tanaray Tartara (b/t) Am. Ch. Laddland Smidgeon of a Lad (b/t)
Can. Ch. Tanaray Tantalize
Int. Ch. Thai Ch. Mal. Gr. Ch. Hacienda Heaven Maid (red) Nz & Mal. Ch. Tiermark Jazz (Imp NZ)
Nz. Ch. Tiermark Man O Man (Red) Nz. & Aust. Ch. Tiermark Stutz Bearcat (B/t)
Nz. Ch. Tiermark Exposee (B/t)
Nz. Ch. Tiermark Arpege (B/t) Nz. & Aust. Ch. Tiermark Stutz Bearcat (B/t)
Nz. Ch. Tiermark Chanel (C/t)
Mal. Ch. Jumarnic Talkin Maids at Hacienda (Imp Aust) (Red) Aust. Ch. Laen Talk ofth Town (Red) Aust. Ch. Jumarnic London (Red)
Am. Ch. Gleishorbach Teufelchen (Imp USA) (Red)
Aust. Ch. Jumarnic Mighty Maid (Red) Aust. Ch. Lauralee High And Mighty (Imp Uk) (Red)
Asian, Aust. & Mal Ch. Talberg Maid on Request at Hacienda (Imp Aust) (Red)