Hacienda Java Bleu @ Corteris

Sire : Mal. Ch. Tanaray Top Spot (Imp Canada) 
Dam : Hacienda Mates Rates

Whelped : 26/12/2008         Colour : Black & Tan

Nikki is by Beau our Canadian import, out of our homebred girl BB. Un-shown in Malaysia, Nikki is sure to turn heads with her beauty and outgoing temperament. Nikki was exported in September to our good friend Christian Ayme in France. We wish them the best of luck and every success with Nikki in the show ring and whelping box.



Mal. Ch. Tanaray Top Spot (Imp Canada)
(black & tan)
Can. Ch. Abnaki's Black Tie Affair (b/t) Am. Ch. Laddland A Wing And a Prayer (b/t) Am. Ch. Villanol's Gladi's Lad (b/t) Am. Ch. Villanol's Gladiator
Am. Ch. Amroth's Polly Anna Primavera
Am. Ch. Laddland Pinch of Cameo (red) Am. Ch. Roushland's Neva give an Inch
Am. Ch. Laddland Cameo
Drisheen's Candlewood (red) Can. Am. & Bda Ch. Tanaray Tartan de Drisheen (b/t) Am. Ch. Laddland Smidgeon of a Lad (b/t)
Can. Ch. Tanaray Tantalise
Can. Ch. Drisheen's Ballylifin (b/t) Am & Can Ch. Braaehaus Man on The spot
Can. Ch. Desvali Sidhe de Drisheen
Can. Ch. Tanaray Truffle (red) Can & Am. Ch. Erdenrot's Baron von Bruno (red) Braaehaus Letterman Can & Am Ch. Braaehaus Man Around Town
Can. Ch. Braaehaus Magenta Lady
Can. Ch. Shona's Schatzi of Erdenrot Can & Am. Ch. Crispin's Town and Countryman
Can Ch. Sehr Schon Shona of Edenrot
Can. Ch. Tanaray Tartara (b/t) Am. Ch. Laddland Smidgeon of a Lad (b/t) Am. Ch. Villanol's Gladi's Lad (b/t)
Am. Ch. Laddland Pinch of Cameo (red)
Can. Ch. Tanaray Tantalize Can & Am. Ch. Barbadox Andi
Can Ch. Tanaray Tigresse
Hacienda Mates Rates (B/t) Aust & Mal Ch. Laen Honour Bound  (Imp Aust) (red) Laen Integrity (b/t) Aust. Ch. Drofneg Dunkeldorf (b/t) Eng. Ch. D'Arisca Commodore (Imp UK) (b/t)
D'Arisca Disco Dancer (Imp UK) (b/t)
Aust. Ch. Hanalex Black Heidi (b/t) Aust. Ch. Hanalex Beau Bart (b/t)
Hanalex Amber Minx (b/t)
Am. Ch. Gleishorbach Teufelchen (Imp USA) (red) Am. Ch. Choo Choos Gus (red) Am. Ch. Houndhaven's War Lord (red)
Am. Ch. Choo Choos Val of Sweetheart (red)
Am. Ch. Choo Choos Doll of Sweetheart (red) Am. Ch. Braaehaus Traveling Man (red)
Am. Ch. Choo Choos Sweetheart (red)
Jumarnic Cher at Hacienda (Imp Aust) (red) Nz. & Aust. Ch. Tiermark Stutz Bearcat (B/t) Nz. Ch. Millewa Leads the Way (B/t) Aust. Ch. Millewa Gold Dollar (Red)
Windycorner Soliloquy (B/t)
Nz. Ch. Tiermark Black Gem (B/t) Nz. Ch. Mercedes Mr. President (Red)
Nz. Ch. Millewa Star Gem (B/t)
Aust. Ch. Jumarnic Foreign Affair (Red) Aust. Ch. Lauralee High And Mighty (Imp Uk) (Red) Eng. Ch. Malynsa Madrigal (Red)
Classridge Carlotta at Lauralee (B/t)
Aust Ch. Tiermark Centrefold (Imp NZ) (red) Nz. & Aust. Ch. Tiermark Stutz Bearcat (B/t)
Nz Ch. Tiermark Exposee (red)