Braz. Ch. Hacienda Some Like it Choc (IID NZ)

Sire : Nz. & Aust. Ch. Hampdach Joint Venture (Imp UK)   Dam : Mal. Ch. Hacienda Bet On Black (IID Aust)

Whelped : 2/8/2005         Colour : Chocolate & Tan

Lola has gone across to Rio de Janerio, Brazil to the kennels of Anderson Quaresma Pires. At her debut shows aged just 13 months old, Lola won 2 Group 1 placings, 2 Junior Group 1 placings and attained her Junior Champion title! Way to go Lola! She has done HAcienda proud and done Malaysia proud by becoming the first Malaysian bred dog to attain that in South America! We wish Anderson and Lola every continued success!



Aust & Nz. Ch. Hampdach Joint Venture (Imp UK) (b/t) Eng. Ch. Tythe Equinox (b/t) Eng. Ch. Peredur Peter Piper (b/t) Peredur Peppercorn of Indira Eng. Ch. Landmark Witchdoctor
Peredur Good Friend
Peredur Solitaire Eng. Ch. Shulin Instant Success
Peredur Good Friend
Malynsa Maelstrom (Red) Ch. Malynsa Madrigal (red) Classridge Carbon Copy (b/t)
Classridge Cosiety (red)
Malynsa Rebecca (red) Eng. Ch. Classridge Culture Club (red)
Karrakot Cool Customer
Laen US Reflections at Hampdach (Imp Aust) (red) Laen Integrity (b/t) Aust. Ch. Drofneg Dunkledorf (b/t) Eng. Ch. D'Arisca Commander (b/t)
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US Ch. ChooChoos Val of Sweetheart (red)
Us. Ch. ChooChoos Doll of Sweetheart (red) Us & Can. Ch. Braaehaus Travelling Man (red)
Us Ch. ChooChoos Sweetheart (red)
Mal. Ch. Hacienda Bet On Black (IID Aust) (b/t) Nz. & Aust. Ch. Tiermark Stutz Bearcat (b/t) Nz. Ch. Millewa Leads The Way (b/t) Aust. Ch. Millewa Gold Dollar (Red) Aust. Ch. Millewa Gold Sovereign (red)
Aust. Ch. Millewa Karisma (b/t)
Windycorner Soliloquy (b/t) Nz. Ch. Mithril Night & Day of Windycorner (Imp UK) (b/t)
Yolande Von Grafwald (b/t)
Nz. Ch. Tiermark Black Gem (b/t) Nz. Ch. Mercedes Mr. President (Red) Aust. Ch. Millewa Gold Sovereign (Red)
Maybe Rite of Tiermark (b/t)
Nz. Ch. Millewa Star Gem (b/t) Aust Ch. Millewa Black Onyx (b/t)
Aust Ch. Millewa Gold Starr (red)
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Classridge Cosiety (red)
Classridge Carlotta at Lauralee (b/t) Eng. Ch. Classridge Culture Club (red)
Kyreburn Celebrity (b/t)
Talberg Maid to Kiss (b/t) Aust. Ch. Jumarnic London (red) Aust. Ch. Tradedach Stormy Lad (red)
Dabarlyn Your Our Empire (red)
Aust. Ch. Northdax Makin Believe (b/t) Aust. Ch. Northdax Nomad (b/t)
Edwald Nyte Illusions (c/t)