Mal. Ch. Hacienda Keeping Secrets

Sire : Aust. & Mal. Ch. Laen Honour Bound (Imp Aust)   
Dam : Jumarnic Sumthin Special at H (Imp Aust)

Whelped : 22/9/2003         Colour : Black & Tan

Java was from our very first litter sired by Aust & Mal. Ch. Laen Honour Bound. Java started out her show career winning Best Minor Puppy in show 2 days in a row at her very first shows. She has remained a consistent In Group and In Show winner. She has picked up several Reserve CC's and completed her title in May 2005 after picking up some CC's, along with more In Group wins. In October 2005 Javav headed off to Winnipeg Canada to be the permanent house guest to Jake & Florence Enns. We wish them every continued success. 


Aust & Mal Ch. Laen Honour Bound  (Imp Aust) (red) Laen Integrity
Aust. Ch. Drofneg Dunkeldorf (b/t) Eng. Ch. D'Arisca Commodore (Imp UK)
D'Arisca Dictator (b/t)
D'Arisca Aristocrat (b/t)
D'Arisca Disco Dancer (Imp UK) (b/t) Eng. Ch Benjamin of Ralines (b/t)
D'Arisca Caprice (b/t)
Aust. Ch. Hanalex Black Heidi (b/t) Aust. Ch. Hanalex Beau Bart
Aust. Ch. Hampdach Dignitary (Imp UK) (b/t)
Clarnette Black Minx (b/t)
Hanalex Amber Minx (b/t) Aust. Ch. Hampdach Dignitary (Imp UK) (b/t)
Clarnette Black Minx (b/t)
Am. Ch. Gleishorbach Teufelchen (Imp USA)
Am. Ch. Choo Choos Gus (red) Am. Ch. Houndhavens War Lord (red) Am. Ch. Boondox Chuckie Bunyan (red)
Am. Ch. Tailsend Shownuf Houndhaven (red)
Am. Ch. Choo Choos Val of Sweetheart (red) Am. Ch. Braaehaus Journey Man (red)
Am. Ch. Choo Choos Sweetheart (red)
Am. Ch. Choo Choos Doll of Sweetheart (red) Am. Ch. Braaehaus Traveling Man (red) Am. Ch. Fabeland Blue Chip of Nikobar (red)
Can. Ch. Braaehaus Royal Insignia (red)
Am. Ch. Choo Choos Sweetheart (red) Am. Ch. Boondox Chuckie Bunyan (red)
Am. Ch. Tailsends Charlies Angel (red)
Jumarnic Sumthin Special at Hacienda (Imp Aust)
Aust. Ch. Jumarnic Golden Moments (red) Aust. Gr. Ch. Nasus Sam Neil (b/t) Aust & Nz Ch. Windycorner Good Life (b/t) Nz. Ch. Mithril Night & Day of Windycorner (Imp UK) (b/t)
Yolande Von Grafwald (b/t)
Aust Ch. Nasus Natalie Wood (b/t) Aust Ch Millewa Gold Dollar (red)
Aust Ch Nasus Katherine Hepburn (b/t)
Millewa Forget Me Not (red) Aust Ch. Millewa Black Legend (b/t) Aust Ch Hampdach Dignitary (Imp UK) (b/t)
Aust Ch Millewa Dark Desire (b/t)
Aust Ch Millewa Creme Caramel (red) Aust Ch. Millewa Gold Dollar (red)
Millewa Red Brocade (red)
Aust. Ch. Jumarnic Mighty Maid (red) Aust. Ch. Lauralee High And Mighty (Imp UK) Eng. Ch. Malynsa Madrigal (red) Classridge Carbon Copy (b/t)
Classridge Cosiety (red)
Classridge Carlotta at Lauralee (b/t) Eng. Ch. Classridge Culture Club (red)
Kyreburn Celebrity (b/t)
Aust, Mal & Asian Ch. Talberg Maid On Request at Hacienda (red) Aust Ch. Jumarnic London (red) Aust Ch Tradedach Stormy Lad (red)
Dabarlyn Your Our Empire (red)
Aust Ch. Northdax Makin Believe (b/t) Aust Ch Northdax Nomad (b/t)
Edwald Nyte Illusions (c/t)