Mal. Ch. Hacienda Xcetera Xcetera

Sire : Mal. Ch. Hampdach Top of the Town at Hacienda (Imp UK)   Dam : Mal. Ch. Atreides Good As Gold By Hacienda

Whelped : 15/07/2006      Colour : Red


Pictured here aged 2 years old, Dixie has matured into a lovely young lady. She has had a super show carer and had titled very quickly with some lovely In Group and In Show Wins including winning R/u in Hound Group Aged 8 months and also R/u Best Puppy in Show!! Dixie has recently (July 08) joined the kennel of Mr. Sreyas in India and we wish them every success both in the show ring and whelping box.


Mal. Ch. Hampdach Top Of The Town at Hacienda (Imp UK) (b/t) Eng. & Aust. Ch. Laen Rumourz Run Riot (red) Laen Integrity (b/t) Aust. Ch. Drofneg Dunkledorf (b/t) Eng. Ch. D'Arisca Commodore (Imp Uk) (b/t)
D'Arisca Disco Dancer (Imp UK) (b/t)
Aust. Ch. Hanalex Black Heidi (b/t) Aust. Ch. Hanalex Beau Bart (b/t)
Hanalex Amber Minx (b/t)
Aust. Ch. Laen Rumour Has It (Red) Aust. Ch. Jumarnic London (red) Aust. Ch. Tradedach Stormy Lad (red)
Dabarlyn Your Our Empire (red)
Am. Ch. Gleishorbach Teufelchen (Imp USA) (red) Am. Ch.Choo Choos Gus (red)
Am. Ch. ChooChoo Doll of Sweetheart (red)
Hampdach Bewitched (b/t) Eng. & Ir. Ch. Bonavoir Bannaczeck (b/t) Eng. Ch. Tracemma Exclusive (c/t) Eng. Ch. Benjamin of Ralines (b/t)
D'Arisca State of the Art at Tracemma (b/t)
Daxmuir Sea Sprite to Bonavoir (b/t) Eng. Ch. Cedavoch Seastorm (b/t)
D'arisca State Occasion (b/t)
Hampdach Vonndach Midnight Music (b/t) Hampdach Town Cryer (b/t) Daxmuir Mr.Nice Guy for Bonavoir (b/t)
Eng. Ch. Classic Charm of Hampdach (b/t)
Hampdach Country Music at Kerngot (b/t) Kireton The Tadpole (b/t)
Kerngot Kathy's Klown of Hampdach (b/t)
Mal. Ch. Atreides Good As Gold By Hacienda (red) Nz. & Mal. Ch. Tiermark Jazz (red) Nz Ch. Tiermark Man O Man (red) Nz. & Aust. Ch. Tiermark Stutz Bearcat (B/t) Nz. Ch. Millewa Leads the Way (B/t)
Nz. Ch. Tiermark Black Gem (B/t)
Nz Ch. Tiermark Exposee (red) Nz. Ch. Mercedes Mr. President (Red)
Nz Ch. Tiermark Stepping Out (red)
Nz Ch. Tiermark Arpege (b/t) Nz. & Aust. Ch. Tiermark Stutz Bearcat (B/t) Nz. Ch. Millewa Leads the Way (B/t)
Nz. Ch. Tiermark Black Gem (B/t)
Nz. Ch. Tiermark Chanel (c/t) Nz. Ch. Tiermark Black Jack (B/t)
Nz. Ch. Tiermark Magie Noir (B/t)
Camelot Dynamic Leia (b/t) Aust & Mal. Ch. Millewa Ming Dynasty (red) Aust Ch. Millewa Black Dynasty (b/t) Aust. Ch. Millewa Gold Dollar (red)
Aust. Ch. Millewa Amazing Grace (b/t)
Aust Ch. Millewa Gold Starr (red) Aust. Ch. Millewa Gold Sovereign (red)
Aust. Ch. Millewa Karisma (b/t)
Mal. Ch. Millewa Midnite Lady (b/t) Aust. Ch. Hampdach Dignitary (Imp Uk) (b/t) Hampdach Democrat (b/t)
Dachmargs Cabaret Wonder of Hampdach (b/t)
Aust. Ch. Millewa Black Gem (b/t) Aust. Ch. Millewa Black Onyx (b/t)
Aust. Ch. Millewa Dark Sensation (b/t)